SW30 Series intelligent automatic swing door system incorporates microprocessor servo controllers that give the benefit of precision door position control and smooth noise-free operation. As a green-minded electric system, SW30-L2/SW30-E1 uses it features high-efficiency power supply units (PSU) with stand-by power consumption at just <0.5W, offering the superior energy cost-effective automatic door solution.



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Safety features are top priority of TRONCO product development.  With the built-in obstruction detection feature, a light touch on the doors during shutting action activates instant safety measure that pulls the doors open and avoids physical hazards. SW30 Series intelligent automatic swing door system also supports a wide variety of peripheral safety devices and access control systems to make up a higher-grade intelligent safety solution where customers see fit.

SW30 Series intelligent automatic swing door system has multiple signal for adding peripheral devices to suit different user scenarios.  Add-on mode selector is available for complete solutions that address specific environment and infrastructure requirements.

Rooting in our customer compassion philosophy, fast deployment, intuitive operations and good serviceability are ultimate objectives of TRONCO product design.  Maintenance, for example, is equally important for an exceptional customer experience.  SW30 Series intelligent automatic swing door system features easily-accessible modular design whereby components and cables are neatly organised inside the thin and compact chassis while LED indicators help identify signals and system status. is also digital add-on controller supportive for greater accuracy in parameter tweaking.



High-Efficiency Power Supply

The system is equipped with a highly efficient power supply  (universal input AC 100V~240V). This device doesn’t consume over 0.5 W of power while being idle.

Signal Connector

This device provides many connections with “opening signal,” “anti-strike,” “RLY input,” “closed and locked,” “drop bolt power supply,” etc. All the wires are collected together, making installation fast  and wiring easy

  • SW30-E1

    Max. Load

    100 Kgs↓


    PMSM(DC brushless motor)

    Transmssion mechanism

    Slide track / Arm

    Opening/Closing Time

    2-10 sec (opening angle: 90 degrees),adjustable

    2-10.5 sec (closing angle: 90 degrees),adjustable

    Hold-Open time

    1~30 sec (Adjustable)


    AC 90V~250V (60Hz / 50Hz)

    Power consumption


    IP rating


    Operating temp.



    400mm × 95mm × 90mm


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